Bangkok water Taxi , Bangkok’s water highways are a fun and exotic way to explore the city no matter how old you are. There are various trips offered along its many meandering waterways, passing by old teak houses and temples.


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Andaman Island , Hundreds of islands in crystal clear water, some rugged limestone cliffs, others boosting an array of beautiful beaches, some of the world's most exciting dive spots and a wide selection of resorts.



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Elephant Safari & Rafting , the ideal trip to fully experience a ridding on elephant through lush rain forest.








Loykratong , These beautiful floral arrangements are called krathongs. They are lit with a candle and set adrift on the sea as part of traditional remembrance ceremonies in Thailand. The ceremony which is inspired by one of Thailand's most beautiful and popular festivals; Loy Krathong, takes place to coincide with the full moon in November.



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Floating Market , The floating markets of Bangkok are a photographer's dream and one can take a boat trip up the Chao Phraya River that runs through the heart of the city.







The Grand Palace/Temple of the Emerald Buddha  , the Grand Palace, with over 100 buildings on a site of almost one square mile, covers the architectural and cultural history of the country, since the time of the founding of Bangkok in 1782.



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