Pad Mixed Vegetable



Stir fried mixed vegetable w/ Oyster sauce or Soy sauce


Pad Grapraw Pork



Spicy stir fried Meat w/ Basil leaves and Peppers


Pad Cashewnut Chicken



Chicken stir fried w/ Pepper, Onion and Cashew nut


Pad Sweet&Sour Pork



Stir fried Pork w/ Tomatoes, Onions, and Cucumber w/ Sweet and Sour sauce


Pad Eggplant Chicken



Spicy stir fried Chicken w/ Eggplant, Pepper, and Basil leaves


Pad Prig Khing Beef



Spicy stir fried beef w/ Green bean, Peppers, and Lime leaves


Pad Garlic and Pepper Chicken



Stir fired Chicken w/ Garlic and Black peppers


Pad Oyster Sauce Beef



Stir fried Beef in Oyster-flavoured Sauce, and Broccoli